Monday, February 24, 2020

Cool Panda Site For Your Ads

Of course, I got all excited yesterday, when I re-discovered this really cool, Panda surf site, all over again!

It created panda-monium in my marketer's heart.

When you've seen, joined, and tested as many sites as I have done, you always welcome something cool, well-designed, organized, compact, and yet fun to use for your ads and promotions.

This site has been around. 

I was the one not ready for it before, but yesterday, I was!

I felt like I hit a gold mine when I saw it all over again! 


I signed up right away! 

This program uses a script not seen too much around, so it's really good for left brain, right brain thinking.


It's good to stretch your thinking, balance your brain, and take a rest, from the normal sites that use the same scripts -- kinda dulls the brain.

Kids always love cool.

We don't like complicated, but we love "cool". 

You'll like the many treasures on this site.

Kids love discovering stuff.

If you like this movie below, you'll like this panda program.

Sign up is FREE, so get your tiny, kid tush out here, and join this really cool site through this link, and let's do some kung-fu fighting with our promotions in this shark-filled arena that is online marketing.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Surf 25

What could be easier than joining this site, putting in your program URL, and surfing 25 ads each day?

Oh, yeah?

What do you get for surfing 25 sites, huh?

Awesome admin will promote your site for one, beautiful, whole day.

That means, you can rest or play the whole day, YES!!!

Mail the members, too, if you want.

And what happens if you don't surf for one day?

Duh...your site doesn't get promoted.

Anyway, surf 25, and you're scott-free the whole day!

So, sign up here, put in your program URL, and surf that easy 25. 

Everything's automatic, no need to bug admin that you were good, and surfed 25.

Here, you earned this.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Invader Mails is Back!

At last, Texas Jim Reyna's Invader Mails is back!

I've been a member of this site since 26 September 2017 -- yes, that long ago.

I loved how the long banner looked like this, intentional mis-spelling and all:

I think, I may have joined the site because of that.


Kids are always tickled pink by cool stuff.

We imagine ourselves, either be-friending, or battling, those aliens. 

But, as always, these sites have human admins.

Weird wolrd, huh?

I also knew the previous admin, and I'm glad Mr. Reyna continued this cool site.

What do you get when you join as a member?

-- 2,000 credits
-- 2 long banners
-- 2 button banners
-- 2 text link ads
-- free JV upgrade (increasing all the above benefits)
-- mail the members

Stay active each month, and you get even more credits, banners, and text link ads.

Also, sign up is FREE!

Click this link to join Invader Mails, and try never to come back to this crazy wolrd of ours.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Little Big Powerhouse

Kids like simple stuff.

Like having just one program, one solo ad, one banner, one traffic link, and we're off!

We also like getting lots of points when we click ads, you know, like hundreds or thousands of points, which we can trade for traffic links.

You think you can do that?

Like, settle for just ONE program?

Ha, betcha couldn't do that, huh?

Adults like complicated.

Luckily, we found a site that simplifies everything for us, and yet, we burp with points when we click ads.

Golly, the points this admin offers!

Sign up for FREE here, confirm your email address, put in your one, best program, and type the two promo codes to activate your ads:


I know, I know, we said you get one solo ad, but the admin thinks you've been a good kid, so he thinks you deserve three more solo ads.

Who's complaining?

We ain't, so click here now, coz we gotta scoot!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Traffic Site For Jaded Marketers

Have you ever found a site that actually allows you to put in 5 of your programs that people can click on and sign up under you?

"Sure," you'd say.

Nah, you've never seen anything like this!

In all my tender years of marketing, and joining hundreds of sites, I never saw this particular feature, so, kid that I am, I got all eager and excited.

Of course, you have no way of knowing what I'm talking about -- unless you sign up here.

No tricks, no obligation, so, don't stress it.

Become like a child again, sign up, go straight to the "Downline Builder" tab, and that's where the magic begins!

You'll be able to put in your own 5 programs, like a thrilled kid, as you surely haven't found such a feature in your many other programs.

After that, you can check the traffic exchanges, mailers, and business tools on the other tabs, and put in your own affiliate IDs. 

Sometimes, we need a refresher course, and this site has a lot of the classic basics, the stuff we thought we have mastered, or perhaps, have set aside, when in truth, they have always been the coolest marketing tools around that have lasted for ages -- still outdoing many of the newer tools. 

Who would have thought, a playful site like this could have revealed so many cool stuff?

Just shows, playful, can be powerful.

For, it is a playful site, otherwise, I won't feature it here.

But, gosh, you gotta go straight to that "Downline Builder" tab, and put in your 5 programs.

Also, just for signing up for FREE, the generous Admin gives us 100 credits to start with, and 500 banners and text link ads.

Many surf sites make you labor for that.

This one just gives it straight to you, plus, the many, many treasures inside.

Kids don't like difficult.

We like it cool and playful.

And powerful.

Click here to join this kid.

P.S. Of course, I ain't gonna tell ya all the other cool treasures in there. You gotta see for yourself. Kids love surprises, doncha?

Monday, January 20, 2020

Alien Traffic Sites For 2020

If you're not a scaredy cat and don't mind aliens, well, you will like these ALIEN sites for your promotions.

All FREE to sign up in.

The mailers gives you loads of credits, banner ads, and text link ads once you've confirmed your e-mail, and log in. You also get a FREE lifetime JV upgrade, just so you know. 

You get to mail the members as often as you want -- depending on your type of membership.

Stay active each month and you are gifted with more credits. 

The surf site is really fast, you'll love signing up and using it. Also, it's new -- the perfect time to get in, put in your ads, start surfing, earning credits for your own ads, and having the whole galaxy to yourself. 

Because it's so fast, you'll earn as many credits as you want for your own promotions.

Easy as pie to join and use.

Kids don't want complicated, remember?

Click the links below the images to join for FREE!

No need to freak out.

These are friendly aliens, with HUMAN admins.

Yes, maybe a cosmic joke, but there it is.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here.