Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A fun, happy site

Kids like happy sites.

We like fun images like that funny kid that dances, waves his arms up and down, tiptoes, or hides when you watch an ad for at least 14 seconds.

He makes watching ads real fun!

And he kinda looks like us.

Also, move your mouse around in circles on this site and see how it leaves a trail of colorful "dust" everywhere you go.

Magic and really fun!

I almost forgot I had to put in my ads hahaha.

Grown-ups must really create more sites like that.

Marketing is hard enough.

It must be fun, too!

We kids want to remain kids.

So I joined this fun site!

Hope, you join me, too!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

SUMMER mailer

If you're a kid, this is really a no-brainer.

If you're an adult, you'd be nuts to refuse a sweet, fun, awesome, cheerful mailer to "sweeten your advertising".

Kids don't like bitter, or sour.

We like sweet.

Consider what you get when you sign up, for FREE: 

-- 5,000 credits
-- 5 solo ads
-- 5 HP solo ads
-- 5 long banners
-- 5 square banners
-- 5 text link ads

You get an extra 500 credits if you're active each month.

You know, like logging in at least once a month, hello, how difficult is that?

If you're excited to sell your toys, gadgets, ideas, schemes, and dreams, well do sign up now by clicking this link!

There are over 800 other ice cream-crazy marketers to show off your stuff to!

Plus, it's summer.

We could all use a cool break.

Especially at work!

Click here now, and let's chill!