Wednesday, August 5, 2020


If you're a kid, this is really a no-brainer.

If you're an adult, you'd be nuts to refuse a sweet, fun, awesome, cheerful mailer to "sweeten your advertising".

Kids don't like bitter, or sour.

We like sweet.

Consider what you get when you sign up, for FREE: 

-- 5,000 credits
-- 5 solo ads
-- 5 HP solo ads
-- 5 long banners
-- 5 square banners
-- 5 text link ads

You get an extra 500 credits if you're active each month.

You know, like logging in at least once a month, hello, how difficult is that?

If you're excited to sell your toys, gadgets, ideas, schemes, and dreams, well do sign up now by clicking this link!

There are over 800 other ice cream-crazy marketers to show off your stuff to!

Plus, it's summer.

We could all use a cool break.

Especially at work!

Click here now, and let's chill!

Monday, August 3, 2020

A fun, happy site

Kids like happy sites.

We like fun images like that funny kid that dances, waves his arms up and down, tiptoes, or hides when you watch an ad for at least 14 seconds.

He makes watching ads real fun!

And he kinda looks like us.

Also, move your mouse around in circles on this site and see how it leaves a trail of colorful "dust" everywhere you go.

Magic and really fun!

I almost forgot I had to put in my ads hahaha.

Grown-ups must really create more sites like that.

Marketing is hard enough.

It must be fun, too!

We kids want to remain kids.

So I joined this fun site!

Hope, you join me, too!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Earn Bitcoin the KID Way

Why do adults make earning bitcoin so difficult, complicated, and boring?

We kids know an easier way.

A fun way.

An unboring way.

The kind you will stick with, coz you look forward to play.

And they give you 50% lifetime commissions when your referrals make claims.

And you can claim every 15 minutes!

What's so diffy about that?

Pure play.



But we like it that way.

Click here to join under me now, thanks!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Marketing People are Funny

Yup, marketing people are funny.

They track you all the time.

They want to know where you live, what you do, what car you drive, who your friends are, what food you eat, what clothes you wear, what toothpaste you use, what soda you drink, what phone you use, what computer you're using, what operating system you have, etc etc etc.

Some days, I wonder if there are CCTVs in public toilets.

Of course, there are, in almost all (or maybe all) traffic intersections, and in city and neighborhood streets. 

I don't know, we kids aren't neurotic.

We are not obsessed with figuring out others.

That's too "sophisticated", that's for adults.

We have simple, happy, uncorrupted brains.

We just play, and mind our own business.

We don't worry, nor care, what designer brand our playmates wear.

We only care we get along, and please, don't grab my toy -- you've got yours.

We also only care to eat, play, sleep, or if our family loves us, and we pray to God directly. 

We're not nuts about school, unless we have cool playmates.

Sure, to keep us from bawling when we can't have our way, the adults shove their gadgets in our hands, and give us something digital to look at, or play with.

And, of course, our growing brains marvel at all those moving, talking pictures.

And we find, because adults play those games, that we can  actually "eliminate" enemies.

After a while, we get hooked on those gadgets, and mommy can't seem to pry us away from her phone.

But, duh, who gave us those gadgets in the first place?

Anyway, we kids don't go crazy checking each other out.

The sun's out, the grass is green, the trees are heavenly, the animals are scampering, and we just lie down on the grass, tie a string on beetles legs, or climb those trees.

We don't think of brands, or products, or retirement, or school.

If something's colorful, we get intrigued.

If something smells great, we want it.

If something's itchy, we take it off.

If something tastes good, we finish it all.

How can we not be that predictable?

We have our own, little, peaceful world where everything seems right.

Until we grow up.

Then, we become even more fair game for the marketers, who will not stop until they've figured us, inside out, outside in.

What a life!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Surf Like a Kid

I don't know about you, but I'll always be a kid in my heart.

That goes for marketing, blogging, designing, writing, selling, whatever.

If you want your marketing to rock, and yet for you not to turn into a rock from all that desk work, here are the cool, exciting, fun places to surf each day.

There's no rock and a hard place here.

It's all splish-splash -- fun surf all the way!

Surf the first 4 all at the the same time -- same script, they're all synchronized; the 5th is a surf all its own, so do that separately.

Loosen 'em limbs, and surf away!

1. If you like horse racing.

2. If you like the beach.

3. If you need a boost.

4. If you're a 60s kid.

5. If you're freaky to begin with.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Little Big Powerhouse

Kids like simple stuff.

Like having just one program, one solo ad, one banner, one traffic link, and we're off!

We also like getting lots of points when we click ads, you know, like hundreds or thousands of points, which we can trade for traffic links.

You think you can do that?

Like, settle for just ONE program?

Ha, betcha couldn't do that, huh?

Adults like complicated.

Luckily, we found a site that simplifies everything for us, and yet, we burp with points when we click ads.

Golly, the points this admin offers!

Sign up for FREE here, confirm your email address, put in your one, best program, and type the two promo codes to activate your ads:


I know, I know, we said you get one solo ad, but the admin thinks you've been a good kid, so he thinks you deserve three more solo ads.

Who's complaining?

We ain't, so click here now, coz we gotta scoot!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Traffic Site For Jaded Marketers

Have you ever found a site that actually allows you to put in 5 of your programs that people can click on and sign up under you?

"Sure," you'd say.

Nah, you've never seen anything like this!

In all my tender years of marketing, and joining hundreds of sites, I never saw this particular feature, so, kid that I am, I got all eager and excited.

Of course, you have no way of knowing what I'm talking about -- unless you sign up here.

No tricks, no obligation, so, don't stress it.

Become like a child again, sign up, go straight to the "Downline Builder" tab, and that's where the magic begins!

You'll be able to put in your own 5 programs, like a thrilled kid, as you surely haven't found such a feature in your many other programs.

After that, you can check the traffic exchanges, mailers, and business tools on the other tabs, and put in your own affiliate IDs. 

Sometimes, we need a refresher course, and this site has a lot of the classic basics, the stuff we thought we have mastered, or perhaps, have set aside, when in truth, they have always been the coolest marketing tools around that have lasted for ages -- still outdoing many of the newer tools. 

Who would have thought, a playful site like this could have revealed so many cool stuff?

Just shows, playful, can be powerful.

For, it is a playful site, otherwise, I won't feature it here.

But, gosh, you gotta go straight to that "Downline Builder" tab, and put in your 5 programs.

Also, just for signing up for FREE, the generous Admin gives us 100 credits to start with, and 500 banners and text link ads.

Many surf sites make you labor for that.

This one just gives it straight to you, plus, the many, many treasures inside.

Kids don't like difficult.

We like it cool and playful.

And powerful.

Click here to join this kid.

P.S. Of course, I ain't gonna tell ya all the other cool treasures in there. You gotta see for yourself. Kids love surprises, doncha?