Sunday, October 28, 2018

The shortest and simplest book on writing

I knew I had to write a book.

They said you have to write a book that you want to read.

Well, that gave me the idea.

I decided to write the shortest and simplest book on writing. I called it, "Just Write Will Ya".

Plus, we five-year-olds really think, write, and speak simply.

We may have huge imaginations but when we want something, we just say it like it is.

Also, we don't want to be boring.

Five-year-olds are never boring.

And if you write a short and very easy to understand book, people may just buy.


So I wrote a short book.

I wrote it fast so I can play afterwards.

I hope you learn something from my book.

Sometimes, adults need a simple book.

It's good you have me.

All proceeds of my book will be for this website and to buy candy.

Yes, yes, yes.

I promise to share my candy.

Especially if you buy a lot of this book.

You see, I am learning a thing or two about marketing.

You're such great teachers!