Sunday, March 31, 2019

Good sites, kind admins

I like simple sites and good admins.

The kind that makes it easy (and FREE) for you to sign up at their mailer/surf sites, and even give you lots of FREE ads like banners and text link ads.

We five-year-olds like that very much, free stuff and all. Nice for putting in our ads. We've got some pets and toys to sell.

Anyway, here are the cool people whose sites we like:

Mr. Randy Brickhouse-Bey of Opal Solo Ads.

Mr. Mike Raday of Send My Solo.

Mr. Kenny Lessing of Real Time Mega Traffic.

Ms. Beverly Maxfield of Merrygoround Ads.

Mr. Romulus Valentin of 8Hits.

Mr. Robert Norton of Sugar Text Ads.

Mr. Tom Witt of Drag Bus Hits.

Mr. James Stevens of Outback Traffic.

Mr. David Lewis of Sweet Ad Commissions.

And you know what I like, too?

If you sign up under me, admins say I get referral commissions! Especially if you upgrade or buy some ads.

Aha, more candy money!

And if you get your own referrals and they upgrade and buy ads, you get candy money, too!

Now you see why I like these admins.

They remember everyone.


Oh my gosh...oh my gosh...oh my gosh...


I've been gone for five months!!!


Or were you glad I was gone for a while?


Well, I'm a  five-year-old so five months away matches my brain, I guess.

I got so caught up in stuff.

You know...




Ya, kinda.


And here to stay!

I promise to give you more fun stuff for your marketing, you oldies.

I know you were bored while I was gone. 

Check the next new posts, will ya!

Ta-daa for now!

Dum de dum de dum...