Sunday, January 17, 2021

Marketing people are FUNNY

Yup, marketing people are funny.

They track you all the time.

They want to know where you live, what you do, what car you drive, who your friends are, what food you eat, what clothes you wear, what toothpaste you use, what soda you drink, what phone you use, what computer you're using, what operating system you have, etc etc etc.

Makes you feel like an ant under a high-powered microscope.

Some days, I wonder if there are CCTVs in public toilets.

Of course, there are, in almost all (or maybe all) traffic intersections, and in city and neighborhood streets. 

I don't know, but we kids aren't neurotic.

We are not obsessed with figuring out others.

That's too "sophisticated", that's for adults.

We have simple, happy, uncorrupted brains.

We just play, and mind our own business.

We don't worry, nor care, what designer brand our playmates wear.

We only care we get along, and please, don't grab my toy -- you've got yours.

We also only care to eat, play, sleep, or if our family loves us, and we pray to God directly. 

And yes, we have a DIRECT line to Him.

Adults need call centers.

We're not nuts about school, unless we have cool playmates.

To keep us from bawling when we can't have our way, adults shove gadgets in our hands, giving us something digital to look at, or play with.

And, of course, our growing brains marvel at all those moving, talking pictures.

And we find, that we can  actually "eliminate" enemies from those games.

After a while, we get hooked on those gadgets, and mommy can't seem to pry us away from her phone.

But, duh, who gave us those gadgets in the first place?

We kids don't go crazy checking each other out.

The sun's out, the grass is green, the trees are heavenly, the animals are scampering, and we just lie down on the grass, tie a string on beetles legs, or climb those trees.

We don't think of brands, or products, or retirement, or school.

If something's colorful, we get intrigued.

If something smells great, we want it.

If something's itchy, we take it off.

If something tastes good, we eat it all.

If we're tired, we sleep.

How can we not be that predictable?

We have our own, little, peaceful world where everything seems right.

Until we grow up.

Then, we become even more fair game for marketers, who will not stop until they've figured us, inside out, outside in.

They call it marketing "intelligence".

Some days I wonder.