Sunday, October 28, 2018

How to market like a five-year-old

How does one market like a five-year-old?

Well, maybe he doesn't market.

Maybe, he doesn't even know the word.

Maybe, all he knows is buying something he likes, or trading stuff.

It's possible he invented the word "barter".

These willful ones will trade everything but their mom and dog.

I don't know about their cat.

And if their dad's good, maybe they'll keep him.

First instincts, you know.

Either he likes something or someone or he doesn't.

And usually, he likes fun, colorful, interesting stuff.

That's how you can hold a five-year-old's interest.

And if he was a marketer, we bet he'd do the same thing -- make his people create fun, happy stuff.

I've been five-year-old marketer for sometime now because it's who I am.

I can't think otherwise.

I prefer my world in many ways as you will see when you read this blog.

I'll start by showing you stuff I like joining or reading; mailers, surf sites, and admins I like; colors I love; words I like to hear -- which, in effect, becomes my own brand of buying and selling.

And, oh yes, I like colorful sites, bright colors, mismatched stuff, happy sites, simple words, caring people, and funny animals and people.

Five-year-olds are sensitive souls.

We're not hot about fights or competitions.

We like people who care and keep things simple.

We don't like seeing long contracts with such tiny words even ants need glasses to read.


One page will do.

Can you do that?

We don't like double-speak.

Wow! That's a BIG word.

Our minds are clear and simple.

May your words be such.

And please, make your marketing ROCK!

Make it happy and colorful and we may just give you a crayon. 

We've got loads of creativity, sincerity, and plane loads of imagination.

We like to use the word "play" instead of "work".

We don't like drudgery.

We like fun and lightness of being.

We like happy stuff.

And we especially like Einstein.

He's got many good ideas.

You can read about him next on "Why Einstein and five-year-olds rock".

They said to pattern after someone.

Well, we chose funny Grampa Einstein.

You will see why.