Friday, January 24, 2020

Traffic Site For Jaded Marketers

Have you ever found a site that actually allows you to put in 5 of your programs that people can click on and sign up under you?

"Sure," you'd say.

Nah, you've never seen anything like this!

In all my tender years of marketing, and joining hundreds of sites, I never saw this particular feature, so, kid that I am, I got all eager and excited.

Of course, you have no way of knowing what I'm talking about -- unless you sign up here.

No tricks, no obligation, so, don't stress it.

Become like a child again, sign up, go straight to the "Downline Builder" tab, and that's where the magic begins!

You'll be able to put in your own 5 programs, like a thrilled kid, as you surely haven't found such a feature in your many other programs.

After that, you can check the traffic exchanges, mailers, and business tools on the other tabs, and put in your own affiliate IDs. 

Sometimes, we need a refresher course, and this site has a lot of the classic basics, the stuff we thought we have mastered, or perhaps, have set aside, when in truth, they have always been the coolest marketing tools around that have lasted for ages -- still outdoing many of the newer tools. 

Who would have thought, a playful site like this could have revealed so many cool stuff?

Just shows, playful, can be powerful.

For, it is a playful site, otherwise, I won't feature it here.

But, gosh, you gotta go straight to that "Downline Builder" tab, and put in your 5 programs.

Also, just for signing up for FREE, the generous Admin gives us 100 credits to start with, and 500 banners and text link ads.

Many surf sites make you labor for that.

This one just gives it straight to you, plus, the many, many treasures inside.

Kids don't like difficult.

We like it cool and playful.

And powerful.

Click here to join this kid.

P.S. Of course, I ain't gonna tell ya all the other cool treasures in there. You gotta see for yourself. Kids love surprises, doncha?