Monday, June 24, 2019

A book even God would like

People keep telling us kids to read the Bible.

But gosh, it's such a THICK booooook!

And the letters are so tineeeeeee...

We're not bad kids.

Christ likes us, right?

He always said, "Let the little children come to me" or something like that.

I don't think adults are His favorite.

I also don't think Jesus would be mad just because we have not read His Dad's book yet.

I'm that sure of Christ.

He showed up in my dreams you know...

Jesus didn't tell me to read the Bible then.

But He showed me other things.

But you know what?

Finally, finally!

I found a really cool book yesterday and it's all about the Old Testament.

I got all excited!

It says:

"The Old Testament is a lively book..."

It also says:

"It is crowded with colour..."

The book also says this about the people of the Old Testament:

"They are searching for a new world and they speak to those in every generation who care."


Lively. Colorful. Caring.

We kids like that!

Plus, I like that there are lots and lots of colorful drawings and pictures in the book.

Not like the Bibles we see -- all tiny words, ugh.


And so thick and heavy.

It could be a pillow.

I wish I was like Edgar Cayce wherein all he had to do was lay his head on a book, fall asleep, and when he woke up he'd know ALL the contents of the book.

Not fair! 

How come I can't do that?

Oh well, since I can't, I might as well read this book I got yesterday, study it, enjoy the pictures, and finally understand the cool people of the Old Testament.

I will also learn about the prophets and the kings and the warriors.

And no one forced me to do that.

I am exercising my free will.

I think God would like that.

He did lead me to THAT book after all.

He knows a lazy toad, I guess...